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iOS 7 Rumors, News, Updates, New Expected Features in iOS

iOS 7 for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is expected to be introduced in the WWDC 2013 Apple conference in San Francisco, California, on Monday June, 10th 2013. Since about 6 months ago we’ve been hearing a lot of rumors, news and tips about the new iOS 7. In this article I will try to summarize all the rumors about iOS 7, and let’s see on Monday how much of it were true:

•    Design: Of course, when talking about a new iOS 7 we must start with the rumors of the new design, which will be influenced by the genius of famous Apple designer Jonathan Ive. Elegance and simplicity will probably be iOS 7 main design features.

•    Developers Flexibility: We heard from Tim Cook Director of Apple CEO twice in a meeting D11, that Apple will give developers more space and flexibility in developing iOS applications and games. The company will also provide more Applied Programming Interfaces (API) for developers, as it will allow them to enter and modify some of the tasks and tools, which could be great for jailbreakers, that are looking to jailbreak iOS 7

•    Panorama Backgrounds: Apple may add background panorama feature, which is not really a major change, but it is a good addition that may impress some users.

•    Multi-Tasking: This could be a wish more than anything, because Apple has not changed the multi-tasking of the iOS since the iOS 4. So we are hoping that the new iOS 7 will come with new functions that will produce an even more friendly user experience.

•    Flickr & Vimeo: This rumor was true for Facebook and Twitter in iOS 6, and some say Flickr and Vimeo are due for the new iOS 7.

Here is also a video that shows iOS 7 concept, of course this is not an Apple Official video, but its kind of cool:

•    Update Alert: Currently when you download a new app in your iOS device, before you launch your app for the first time, you see a NEW alert on top of the app. iOS 7 may come up with a similar alert on the app when there is an UPDATE available. That would be annoying though.

•    Lock Screen: iOS lock screen always been great success with iOS devices, and knowing Apple, we are expecting a major change on the lock screen where users will have more flexibility and options.

•    Siri: Siri launched for the first time with the announcement of iPhone 4S in October 2011, and according to Apple this feature is considered experimental, but in only one year Apple managed to triple the number of supported languages. Apple also hired tons of engineers, developers, and languages experts to work on the devleopment and improvement of Siri, so we should see a major change in this area, in the new iOS 7.

•    Apple Maps: The company has failed with Apple Maps, and did not reach the required level, aspired to reach with this service. Rumors that we’ve heard is that Apple has collaborated with FourSquare to support more areas and add the names of valid and reliable maps. Of course this is in addition to the Yelp services that currently exist in Apple’s maps.

•    AirDrop (Files Sharing): In strong rumors too which have sprung up recently, Apple was testing a feature called AirDrop to share files on iOS devices, this system is already part of the mac OS.

•    Swype Keyboard Technology: According to some officials, Apple either will add a new technique for the keyboard or may just use existing keyboard Swype technology.

•    Camera: New rumors indicated that Apple has developed a number of items that will be added to the camera app.

•    iRadio: It is strongly expected that Apple with launch iRadio service, this feature will be similar to Pandora and Spotify.

Now, it’s just a matter of couple of days and we will know exactly whats iOS 7 is all about. And hopefully it will not take too long for hackers to jailbreak iOS 7 so we can all enjoy Cydia 7. Please subscribe to our mailing list so you will be notified when the new jailbreak for iOS 7 is release.

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