Missing Keys.plist data because of this build Redsnow ios 6.0.1 FIX Tutorial

Missing Keys.plist data just for this build is a common jailbreak error when utilizing Redsnow to do tethered jailbreak on ios 6.0.1 for devices like iPhone 4, apple iphone, and iPod Touch 4G. The perfect solution just for this issue very easy, if you just know what the thing is and the way to repair it.

Why I’m i getting “Missing Keys.plist data just for this build”?

Currently Redsnow will not support ios 6.0.1 inside a direct approach, it only supports iOS 6.0. Consider the majority of iOS devices now are running ios 6.0.1, an innovative method was unveiled in enable iPhone 4/3GS & iPod Touch 4G users to jailbreak their device that is running ios 6.0.1 using Redsnow.

This technique is done by tricking Redsnow into convinced that your iOS set up is running iOS 6.0 while its actually running ios 6.0.1 and thats why inside the jailbreak tutorial we ask you to download iOS 6.0 (NOT 6.0.1) although your device is currently running ios 6.0.1. (i know its a little confusing, just receive the overall idea don’t read a lot of in it).

So since now we realize how the current Redsnow doesn’t support ios 6.0.1, if you are using ios 6.0.1 with Redsnow to jailbreak your device which is running 6.0.1, Redsnow will provide you with the next error: Missing Keys.plist data for this build and quite often the error will keep springing up despite you understand your mistake and commence using iOS 6.0 instead. Nevertheless for every problem there is a solution.
How you can Fix Missing Keys.plist data with this build error?

• STEP1: Download iOS 6.0 for the device through the links below:

o iPhone 4 (GSM) iOS 6.0
o iPhone 4 (CDMA) iOS 6.0
o iPhone 3GS iOS 6.0
o iPod Touch 4G iOS 6.0

• STEP2: Exit away from Redsn0w completely if you have it open.
• STEP3: Connect your iOS device to the pc.
• STEP4: Put your iOS device in DFU Mode <Open if on Mountain Lion)
• STEP6: Once Redsnow is launched goto Extras>Select IPSW then select iOS 6.0 for your device (normally the one you downloaded in STEP1). Here’s how the iOS firmware may need to look like:

o For apple iphone 4g (GSM) >> iPhone3,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw
o For iPhone 4 (CDMA) >> iPhone3,3_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw
o For iPhone 3GS >> iPhone2,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw
o For apple ipod touch 4G >> iPod4,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw

• STEP7: Next turn back, Jailbreak and install Cydia and then as soon as the jailbreak is done along with your iOS device is booted on, let down your iOS device.
• STEP8: Exit beyond Redsn0w completely should you still have it open.
• STEP9: Disconnect your device from your computer and connect it back, then Place it in DFU mode, and Lanuch Rednsow again (unique way as STEP6).
• STEP10: Once Redsn0w is launched goto Extras>Select IPSW select the iOS 6.0 file again. Then Click Extras>Just Boot.

Please remembers that because this is a tethered jailbreak, so any time you reboot your iOS device, you need to redo STEP8 – STEP10 again.

These tutorial was developed after many, many tests and this will fix Missing Keys.plist data for this build error in 99% in the cases, if you followed the tutorial above and you’re still obtaining the error, most likely you are doing a problem and also you have to browse the instructions above again and abide by it verbatim. If you are sure you’ve then you might have considered trying one of several following goods that may cause Missing Keys.plist data with this build error to hold coming up:

• Try some other computer.
• Try to utilize a different USB slot inside your computer when connecting your device.
• Try different Cable when connecting your device to the pc.
• Disable Firewall on your hard drive.
• Uninstall any Antivirus on your hard drive that has to be blocking Redsnow from contacting the server.
• Delete Redsn0w, delete the IPSW (iOS 6.0), go incorporate some coffee, then revisit and initiate fresh from scratch.

I would want to hear your feedback, whether if it tutorial helped you or you are nevertheless facing Missing Keys.plist data just for this build error, please utilize comments section below to talk about your experience.

Please follow this link for more info on fix redsnow error


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